03 January 2012

Day 4 - Sam

Wednesday January 4 2012

Sam, mother of Scarlett (a friend of Miranda).

About 25 years ago, I went to school with Sam. Now our daughters have become friends & classmates, and I've become reacquainted with Sam. She has been running an after school & school holiday program for about 20 years, and she extended the invitation to my big kids to join them today for an excursion to the movies. She also gave all five kids toys that she stocks in her market business. Her generosity was right out of her area of talent, business and abundance, but that doesn't mean it isn't truly appreciated, and a real blessing to me. I wouldn't take my kids to the cinema each week - too hard, too much money, excuse excuse excuse - but Sam's thoughtfulness reminds me that I need to be generous with what talents, abundance, and skills I have. That way, the cost to me is affordable but the value to someone else is great.


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